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Zolfo Springs, FL (March 1, 2012) – Two major local Florida Heartland FM radio stations have gone global. Heartland Broadcasting Corporation’s “106.9 The Bull” (WZZS) playing Country Music, and “LaZeta 105.3” (WZSP) featuring Regional Mexican are now streaming their radio program via the Internet.

“I’m very excited about our new streaming technology!  Anyone can now go to our radio stations’ websites ( or or even a smart phone to listen online,” says Carolyn K, Midday Host on 106.9 The Bull. “Thanks to improved Internet connections and affiliation with streaming provider Sharpstream, this dream has now come true.”

Diana Gonzalez, Sales Representative and Midday Host on La Zeta 105.3 FM  says, “Now we can have more listeners, more coverage and our clients will get greater exposure for their advertising dollars. I can even hear it on my Android cell phone!”

“Having the ability to stream our stations is very exciting for both our listeners and advertisers. Radio, the most portable medium, is now even more portable and powerful with advertisers reaching a much greater audience and with more frequency than ever before. Listeners who want to listen from their desk, on the beach via smart phone, inside dense structures, or even outside our area can still maintain that relationship with their favorite stations. Nothing says home like hearing about hometown events, local businesses, favorite personalities and the music that people associate with friends, family and memories. Thanks to Sharpstream for helping to spread a little hometown feel to the farthest reaches,” says Casey Williams, Sales and Station Manager and Host of Sunday Mornings in the South on 106.9 The Bull.

Hal Kneller, President and Chief Engineer adds, “While our streams are generated locally at the stations, they are then sent to England via Internet and then back out to our listeners wherever they might be located by Sharpstream in the UK, a global provider of audio and video streaming services. It’s hard to believe how far the signals go to reach a Florida listener – over 8500 miles!”

According to, “When it comes to all things digital, country radio listeners may be moving faster than some of their favorite stations. While a “regular radio” remains their dominant listening hardware by far, more than half (53%) of country radio P1s [primary listeners] said they listened to radio on a computer or notebook in the last 30 days and three in ten said they did so on a cell phone.”

About Heartland Broadcasting Corp.: Heartland is the parent company of WZZS-FM (106.9 The Bull) and WZSP-FM (La Zeta 105.3 FM).  The radio stations are locally owned and operated since 1996.

About Sharpstream: Sharpstream has a 30 year track record in the broadcast industry. It provides streaming to some of the leading radio groups in the UK and is now bringing its knowledge and expertise to the US.  Contact:; or telephone 011-44-333-700-2468.


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