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How to Drive Traffic to Your Business’s Live Remote

Tips on How to Write an Effective Radio Ad

Radio Ads

Your customers and potential customers listen to the radio.  Are you reaching them?  Keep top of mind awareness with radio ads, which come in various lengths such as :15-seconds, :30-seconds, or :60-seconds length.

Sponsor a Radio Segment

There are several segment sponsorship opportunities to make your business memorable including News, Weather, and shows with your favorite host.

Live Remotes

Bring the On-Air Announcer to your business. Remotes are typically 2 or 3 hours and are a great way to promote a grand opening, an event, or kick up the excitement with specials and giveaways.  Remotes can attract the public to your businesses.

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Advertise your business as a Banner or Tile Display on La Zeta’s Website.

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