How to Drive Traffic to Your Business’s Live Remote

La Zeta Van - Remote ControlSales remotes work when stations insure there is an attraction and benefit for listeners; a jock hidden at the back of the store won’t cut it. Before remotes are booked, sales managers need to step in and double-check that the remote makes sense for that client. You don’t get as much traffic for a sewing store as for a car dealer. There are better ways to serve any type of advertiser.

Once the remote is being developed, look at ways to generate traffic. We like gas cards that negate the “cost” of attending in the listener’s mind. Bounce back coupons (for shopping at that store on a future day) add value to the initial visit. These coupons also remind the client of your station’s long-lasting effect. For car dealers, test-drive rewards work well, but avoid lottery problems by making sure the element of chance is not present.

Giving away tickets to a big area event or a chance to win major prizes from a noncompeting sponsor (such as a furnished room at a home improvement store that doesn’t sell furniture) are other approaches to drive traffic to your remote.

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